AI Liability Directive

EU Proposes AI Liability Directive to Address Risks and Challenges
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Recognizing the Risks

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The European Union (EU) has proposed a new directive to address the challenges and risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI) systems. The AI Liability Directive aims to adapt existing non-contractual civil liability rules to the unique characteristics of AI technology. The directive recognizes the potential risks and harm that AI systems can generate, including the violation of fundamental rights such as life, physical integrity, and non-discrimination. It aims to ensure that users and providers of AI systems are held accountable for any damage caused.

European Commission
Proclamation Date
September 2022
Effective Date

Provisions and Obligations

The AI Liability Directive outlines provisions for high-risk AI systems and establishes obligations for users and providers. It emphasizes the importance of compliance with instructions, monitoring, and relevant data input. The directive ensures that claimants havethe right to request evidence disclosure from providers or users. However, this disclosure is limited to necessary and proportionate evidence, striking abalance between claimant rights and protecting trade secrets or confidential information.

Compensation for Victims

The AI Liability Directive recognizes the importance of compensating victims for damage caused by AI systems. It highlights the potential violation of fundamental rights, such as the right to life, physical and mental integrity, and property. Additionally, it acknowledges the possibility of claiming compensation for other legal interests, such as personal dignity, privacy, equality, and non-discrimination.The AI Liability Directive is a significant development in the legal framework surrounding AI technology. It aims to provide a comprehensive legal framework that ensures accountability and protection for all stakeholders involved. The directive is currently under review by the European Parliament and the Councilof the European Union. Stay tuned for further updates on this important directive and its impact on the AI landscape.

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AI Liability Directive

Recognizing the Risks
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