Our mission: 
Frictionless compliance

At oxethica, we empower organizations to build trustworthy AI systems and achieve regulatory compliance through our innovative, research-based solutions. By streamlining AI regulatory compliance, we help companies create effective and fair AI-based products and services, ultimately enabling them to succeed in an ever-changing regulatory landscape. At the same time, we seek to ensure that AI is used to advance society's potential. Our commitment to achieving this goal is grounded in scientific research and reflected in our cutting-edge solutions that promote transparency, accountability, and ethical AI practices.

Our approach

We are committed to developing trustworthy AI systems, integrating the latest advancements in research and adhering to the EU Artificial Intelligence Act. Our approach has been developed on the basis of our initial Conformity Assessment Procedure for AI Systems (capAI), which we proposed in response to the EU requirements set out in April 2021, and which has since been developed and refined further to reflect the changes over the various versions of the AI Act compromise texts. The foundations of our approach to AI conformance is based on the three key components of AI trustworthiness:

Our values

Making complexity manageable for the benefit of people


AI Ethics ensures fair decision-making by treating individuals equally, mitigating biases and creating impartial algorithms to avoid unjust outcomes.


Through streamlined operations and intelligent solutions, AI Ethics maximizes efficiency, enabling faster decision-making without compromising on moral principles.


AI Ethics mandates transparency to foster trust. Clear, comprehensible information about how AI systems function empowers users and stakeholders.


Rigorous ethical standards are at the heart of AI systems, scrutinizing every process, action, and outcome to maintain highest integrity.

Our team

Our team of interdisciplinary experts in AI ethics, machine learning, process improvement, and technology management provide current and robust solutions for compliance with the latest AI developments.

Prof Matthias Holweg

Matthias Holweg is the American Standard Companies Chair and Director of the Artificial Intelligence Programme at Oxford. He is a leading expert on continuous improvement methods, and his latest research focuses on applying this process view to creating trustworthy AI systems.

Dr Javier Amaya

Javier Amaya is an Assistant Professor in Technology and Operations Management at University College Dublin (UCD), specializing in designing trustworthy AI systems and the digital transformation of knowledge work. Prior to joining UCD, Javier earned his doctoral degree at Oxford.

Daniel Pesch

Daniel is a doctoral candidate in financial economics at the Oxford-Man Institute and Exeter College. His expertise includes market microstructure, computational finance, and asset pricing. He holds an MSc in Financial Economics from Oxford and a BSc in International Business from WHU.

Wiebke Krone

Wiebke is an experienced consultant and manager, and a dedicated advocate of agility. She brings agile values to organizations, driving innovation and successfully executing challenging projects. She also lectures on agile project management at TH Mittelhessen.

Prof Luciano Floridi
Chairman of the Advisory Board

Luciano is a Professor and Director of the Digital Ethics Center at Yale. He is one of the most authoritative voices of contemporary philosophy, and deeply engaged with policy initiatives on the socio-ethical value and implications of digital technologies and their applications, including the EU's High Level Expert Group on AI.

Prof Mariarosaria Taddeo

Mariarosaria is a Professor of Digital Ethics and Defense Technologies at the Oxford Internet Institute. Her areas of expertise are digital ethics, covering all aspects related to AI, cybersecurity, and data science. She is also a Faculty Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute.

Dr Yuni Wen

Yuni is a Teaching Fellow at Oxford's Saïd Business School, specializing in digital innovation and technology regulation. Her research focuses on AI ethics and reputational risk management, towards developing responsible and ethical AI practices.

Dr Jakob Mökander

Jakob completed his doctorate at Oxford Internet Institute, focusing on digital governance and ethics-based auditing of automated decision-making systems. He now works with McKinsey as a subject matter specialist in the wider cybersecurity field.

Uthman Ali

Uthman is an internationally recognized expert in AI ethics & safety. Aside from being BP's global expert in Responsible AI, he advisesthe World Economic Forum, standards bodies and cutting-edge researchorganizations on the societal impact of digital transformation. 

Roberta Barone

Roberta Barone is responsible for AI ethics and governance at StepStone, the leading German online recruiting platform. In her role, she designs the strategy and coordinates the efforts to operationalize compliance to existing and upcoming regulation applicable to AI, and strives to foster a culture of AI ethics and awareness within the organization.  

Jan Dierk Schaal

Jan-Dierk is an attorney for IT Law and Data Privacy Law and a specialist for legal questions in context with AI. He is working for the German lawfirm SKW Schwarz which has a strong focus on information technology, data driven business models and the digital change.

Dr Silke Engel

Silke Engel is Director Legal Operations and Technology at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP). She provides strategic legal advice to the central CCEP Business Process Technology Leadership team on all matters around digital transformation including AI governance to ensure Responsible AI at CCEP and compliance with upcoming regulation in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

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